If ever there was a moment of total transformation for the youth of Pakistan, it was when Syed Fahad Ali was born! Syed Fahad Ali, a name that cannot get unnoticed anymore, due to his never ending consideration he showed towards the underprivileged citizens of our society.

His character and zeal thoughtfully defines potential, which is more of an ultimate freedom to fulfill all the possible goals of life completely. His enthusiasm teaches every youth of Pakistan how to be systematic, orderly, organized, controlled, decisive and methodical employing step by step rational approach to problem solving and how to be as unique as your very own DNA! He is indeed a living Inspiration emerging from ‘ The working class’ of our society, with conventional ideas. Fahad, a journalist and a Certified Trainer of School of Leadership Master Training Program – Train the Young Trainer, believes that Pakistan’s most valuable assets are its people, who believe and know that they can bring a positive change in Pakistan.

He, from the very beginning, dreamt of Uniting youth under one platform , initially named as ‘The Green Army’ (2009), which later became ‘The Pakistan Youth Forum : Youth deserve listening”. PYF is an independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental set up which is self governing through its constitution, with sole objectives of Social Services, Education for All,Equal Rights and Re-defining Youth. In October 2010, the establishment of ‘ Aghaaz’ school, acted as the drawing power for the selfless, passionate and committed youth, who came forward to volunteer.

The main motto of this astonishing and impressive institution was to Provide Free Education To underprivileged Children of Pakistan, which aims to involve Youth to input their Time to Provide Free Education in Slums of Pakistan, The Project was initially Started in Karachi and with the endless efforts of the Fahad along with his selfless and passionate team members, Aghaaz was set in Islamabad, Lahore and Nawabshah. But the journey doesn’t end here, Fahad is all motivated and is gearing up to initiate and expand this project to other regions namely Faislabad, Peshawar and Dhaka Mahajir camp. Hence, Aghaaz is just a beginning…

Fahad also Initiate the Project of “Hair to Help”, which is a public Awareness Cause that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in Pakistan under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

He is also the founder of a web based youth magazine, Pakistan Zindabad, aimed to support and promote Pakistani youth talent.

“I believe that Youth is much more than just a bunch of young people but an element of change. I see Youth as the Front-liners, as the fore-bearers of success, as the Light-bearers, as the true Descendants of our Great Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the rightful owners of this great land of Pakistan. And I believe that Youth does have a right to speak, to ask, to be listened …” 

Syed Fahad Ali