International street children day was celebrated in “Aghaaz School” Karachi where dedicated and committed Youth representative are giving Free education to street children and those involved in child labor. The event theme was “Bring the Talent Out” where Children from Street and slum area delivered their ideas through different creative activities. The purpose of this event was to give general awareness of a child right to life, security and health facilities. Mr. Fahad Ali, Founder of Aghaaz School, said that the children in Aghaaz School come with miserable stories and histories because of working and living on the streets and slum areas and these real stories need to be covered through media to sensitize the general community and stakeholders about the issues of street children. Project Head Miss Areeba Further added that Occasions such as the International Day for Street Children have given us the opportunity to review the situation and allocate resources to the structured development of child rights policies to tackle the issue of street children in Pakistan.