What is health and hygiene? What are diseases? And, what are the ways to combat health issues?. Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program alumni visited Aaghaz School to execute a workshop on ‘Health, Hygiene and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.’ Our workshop was buttressed by the support of IEARN Pakistan. A myriad of sessions were conducted, from showing the students Prezi on the measures to keep oneself clean to explaining the cause of common diseases. The fun factor was added to the project through different energizers and interactive sessions. Singing songs about washing hands, watching commander-safeguard videos and practically demonstrating the ways to wash hands, were some of the activities included. The final product of the workshop was to have the students make posters on what they have learned and later, present it in front of the audience. Finally, snacks were distributed to come to a blissful end of the workshop. No wonder, a successful project done by YES alumni. The children were excited to pass on their learning forward.