Admin Regulations and Rules

Executive body 
Executive Body consists of SIX People who are always responsible to the acts conducted by PYF. Member of Executive Body is called Executive Member. Executive Member does not have any special rights or facility at PYF nor are they paid. The job of Executive Member is to look after matters, management and administration of PYF. Tenure of Executive body is 11 months and in the 12th month election should be held before the end of 12th month new Executive Body take an oath and start working.

Decision Making 
Decision making at PYF is done through Executive Body, if 4 Executive Members out of 6, making 2/3rd are agreed on one point, it must be accepted.

Conflicts Resolution 
If regular members are in disagreement with the decision of Executive body, then, opinion poll should be raised. If however 85% regular members or more are against that decision, the decision should be rolled back.

Exception to the Law 
1 – However, if at least 20% people first raised their reservation against the decision, then, opinion poll should be held. If it seems that only less than 20% people are against, not such opinion poll should be taken on the whole.
2 – If a member is expelled through Executive body decision no Opinion poll should be taken held. It has to be accepted and abide by all members.

Law Making 
Law Bill can be introduced by any member of PYF. It is brought in front of Executive Body. 4 Members out of 6 are required to make it a Law at least. To delete a law, 100 Percent votes from Executive Body and at least 95 Percent votes are required from Regular Members. If 100 Percent people are against a law, that should be deleted. If Hundred Percent Regular Members are in favor of Bill It becomes a law.

To the executive body seat, there must be voting. Each candidate shall be allowed 4 Minutes speech to highlight why he should be selected. To secure the seat, he must earn at least 25% votes as a whole from regular members. If he resigns then 1st runner up shall be given the chance to take the responsibilities.

Conflict Resolution 
If no candidate gets 25% votes, the top 2 candidates are selected for reelection.

Regular Member must have spent 6 months in PYF at least. He must have participated in activities at least 6 hours in a month for six months 36 hours participation is required. Must not be previously warned on violation and/or breach of the constitution of PYF.
A successful candidate must take an oath on Holy Quran, if He is Muslim. If he is Christian He must take an oath on Holy Bible that he shall act and protect constitution. The same goes for other religions i.e. they shall take an oath on their respective Holy Book.

Election Committee and Rules 
Election Committee shall consist of 4 unbiased People, chosen by previous Executive Body. Counting of votes shall take place before Committee members and Candidates. No Candidate can ever support other candidate, if he resigns his all votes are void. Giving consideration to voter or promising for giving voter a special place makes candidate ineligible.

Regular Members 
Members not part of The Executive body are Regular Members. A Regular Member can be an Officer and/or a Representative/Area Coordinator.
He is meant for both male and female members.

Regular Members can take part in Executive body elections.

Regular Members can apply for being Officers in their desired position.

Regular Members can apply for the post of Representatives of PYF. If Executive body finds him suitable, he may be granted the position.

Every member is liable to act upon and follow the constitution.

Forbidden Acts 
As per the part of Constitution these following acts are forbidden and shall lead to the expulsion whosoever proved guilty. Executive Body has the power to add more Forbidden Acts in this given below list by simple constitutional procedure.

No Political alignment can be preached at PYF. Member shall be EXPELLED Immediately.

– Abusing, disrespecting and violating done by any member shall not be tolerated.

– Molestation to female counter part shall lead a member to be EXPELLED. 

– Religious prejudice, sectarianism is at zero tolerance at PYF.

– Defaming PYF and its concerns, bad behavior at public place.

– Pakistan First, National Interest First – Do not defame Pakistan.

– Frauds in Election shall lead a member to be expelled even for Committee Member.